Technology Briefs

This initiative consists of developing and publishing a short briefing note describing newly commercialising technologies that may contribute social or environmental benefits. The note will indicate that APEGBC encourages Members to ‘familiarise themselves’ with this technology or method.
source: SMS Raising Awareness and Knowledge See also XlnkS46B

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Sustainability Award

A good way to raise awereness and reward sharing of knowledge is through giving awards. APEGBC has established several awards, including an environmental award. This new award adds a new dimension to the current awards by extending them to the concept of sustainability. Guidelines and criteria for the award are now developed and a new award created.
source: SMS Raising Awareness and KnowledgeCross-Ref: APEGBC’s First Annual Sustainability Award See also XlnkS46B

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LEED – Green Building Rating System

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a self-assessing system designed for rating new and existing commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings. It evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective over a building’s life cycle, providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a green building.
weblink: USGBC Web Sitefrom: USGBC – US Green Building Councilin detail XlnkS46F XlnkC180B

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Sustainability Primer

The primer is to act as simple, readily accessible resource on sustainability for engineers and geoscientists. It is a natural initial step in raising awareness. The primer has 3 parts: The first part provides a general overview on the concept of sustainability. The second part explains the sustainability guidelines. The third part explores how the application of sustainability into specific engineering and geoscience fields such as: – Municipal engineering. – Green building – Mining – ….
source: SMS Raising Awareness and Knowledge See also XlnkS46B

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SMS – Monitoring

Develop system of internal and external monitoring. Rationale The ISO principles of continual improvement requires that all significant actions, systems or programs be monitored and, where possible, quantitatively tracked to ensure that progress towards goals and objectives are being made. It is important to distinguish between monitoring APEGBC and monitoring Members. The targets APEGBC sets for itself are auditable standards. We do not set targets in this Action Plan. However, we anticipate that subsequent work plans will set targets. APEGBC should self-audit to these targets to assess its performance.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCin detailsee also: SMS – APEGBC Sustainability Management System – Blueprint XlnkS46D XlnkC1778

SMS – Communication

Improve Communication and collaboration on Sustainability practices and standards. Rationale Communication is a key area in which APEGBC and its members may improve its performance with respect to sustainability. Engineers an geoscientists the world over have a traditional problem in getting their message across, both to the general public and to other professional groups. The first steps will be taken to improve the way APEGBC deals with and uses the media to convey its activities regarding sustainability. Better communications are the key to re-establishing the strong image of the profession.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCin detail XlnkS46C XlnkC1778

SMS Raising Awareness and Knowledge

The objective is to increase sustainability awareness and knowledge and provide training for staff, committees, and members. Rationale The lack of awareness and know-how of sustainability both within APEGBC and its Members is a key barrier to its implementation.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCdocument: Primer Part 1: Introductionin detail XlnkS46B XlnkC1778

Enabling the SMS

The development and implementation of the SMS requires resources in time and money. This strategy aims at finding these resources whether internally within APEGBC, or externally from sponsors. Most of the funding is dedicated to the “sustainability researcher” program that provides additional staff resource to help implementing the SMS.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCin detail XlnkS46A XlnkC1778